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iF3 2013 Movies Selection

Around 50 freeski films will be presented at the iF3 in Santiago, Montreal, Annecy, Innsbruck, Tokyo and Whistler.

In competition selection


• Supervention, Field Productions, Norway (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• Valhala, Sweetgrass Productions, USA (MTL, IBK)
• Head Straight, Chaoz Productions, Norway (ACY, IBK)
• Moon Shine, Gpsy Feelin, France (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• A Secret Spot, Huck And Chuck, Switzerland (MTL, ACY*)
• The LOSt, Legs Of Steel, Austria (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• Let’s Go Get Small, Norseman Productions AS, Norway (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• Tracing Skylines, Poor Boyz Productions, USA (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• TIME / le temps d’un hiver, PVS Company, France (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• Shades Of Winter – an international all female freeski movie, Sandra Lahnsteiner, Austria (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• Into The Mind, Sherpas Cinema, Canada (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• Mutiny, Stept Productions, USA (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• Tempting Fear, Switchback Entertainment, Canada (MTL, ACY)
• The Wallisch Project, Tom Wallisch, USA (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• Partly Cloudy, Level 1, USA (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• All Damn Day, 4Bi9, USA (MTL)


• Stammtisch, Freeski-Crew, Austria (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• Vaya a la Cumbre, Sent Productions, USA (MTL)
• ‘SKLMNTI’ (A ski documentary by Skilluminati), Skilluminati, Latvia (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• Earthshine, Life Steeze Media, Russia (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• Je Vais Au Rêve, Awone Films, Switzerland (ACY, IBK)
• Daily Bread, Headbud Productions, Austria (ACY, IBK)
• Our Own Way, Brotherhood Films, Canada (MTL)
• Concrete Jungle, Wordup Media, Norway (IBK)
• Far Out, The Bunch, Sweden (ACY, IBK)
• For a Few Lines More, Johannes Hoffmann, Austria (MTL, IBK)
• Timelapse Project, Cause, Switzerland (ACY*)
• Wasteland, Street Nation, Canada (MTL)


• BioSkieur TV Best Of II, BioSkieur, France (MTL)
• Bon Appétit freeski blog, Bon Appétit freeski blog, France (MTL, ACY)
• Crapules X Capsus, Capsus Films, France (ACY)
• Days To Come, Vital Films, USA (MTL)
• Insight, Vital Films, USA (MTL)
• LINE Traveling Circus Episode 5.5 The Last Skiurai, Line Skis, USA (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• Nick Martini: On Both Sides of the Lens Episode 2, Evan Heath Visual, USA (MTL)
• Real Skifi Episode 9, Real Skifi, Finland (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• So It Begins, La Fa Films, USA (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• The Burn, Switchback Entertainment, Canada (MTL)
• The Sound Of RealiT, CBC (Collet Brother Channel), France (ACY, IBK)
• They See Me Trollin’ Ep 01, Steve Stepp, USA (MTL)
• Tri(p)-color, Huck And Chuck, Switzerland (MTL)

Out of competition selection

• Way of Life, Teton Gravity Research, USA (ACY, IBK)
• Alpha, V Production, France (ACY)
• Clair De Lune, Twobees Media, Canada (MTL)
• Parallele, Union Productions, Canada (MTL)
• Eye of the Condor, La Parva, Chile (MTL)
• SATORI, Junkies On A Budget (JOB), Austria (MTL, ACY, IBK)
• 4 minutes at Momentum, Momentum, Canada (MTL)
• Elevation, Powderwhore, USA (MTL)

Screening codes:
MTL = Montréal / ACY = Annecy / IBK = Innsbruck / * = to be confirmed

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