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iF3 2014 Unveils Official Movie Selection and Teaser

MONTREAL, QC August 12, 2014

The International Freeski Film Festival (iF3) presented by GoPro is excited to unveil the official teaser, program, and film selection for the festival’s 2014 edition.

After poring through this year’s submissions, which totalled north of 85 entries from 14 countries, the cuts have been made. Saying that we had some tough choices to make is an understatement.

See below for the official selections.

if3 official sel

Movies screened in theater at iF3 in Montreal, Judged

4bi9 Media – Burn (USA, 45min)

Armada Skis – Oil and Water (USA, 30min)

Awone Films – Mixtape 2014 (Switzerland, 10min)

Clayton Vila Studio – Five (USA, 10min)

Dentrite Studios – The Malibu Fable (Canada, 20min)

FollowUs.tv – FollowUs the Movie (France, 30min)

Freeski-Crew – Tribute (Austria, 30min)

Gpsy Feelin – Hoodoo (France, 26min)

Headbud Productions – Turbotuna, Horseman and Friends (Austria, 9min)

HG Skis – 5 to 9 (USA, 18min)

Indeed Production – #skigoodmoneywillcome The truth behind Legs of Steel (UK, 30min)

La Fa Films – Going for Gold (USA, 20min)

Level 1 Productions – Less (USA, 55min)

Matchstick Productions – Days of My Youth (USA, 60min)

Nicky B Productions – Swiss Miss: K2 Ladies Shred the Schilthorn (USA, 10min)

Poor Boyz Productions – Twenty (USA, 40min)

PVS Company – Hang Out (France, 35min)

Shades of Winter – PURE (Austria, 53min)

Stept Productions – Ten and Two (USA, 45min)

Streetnation Media – Achy Bliss (Canada, 20min)

Super Proof Inc – The Recruitment (Canada, 55min)

Tabarnack Pack – The Finale (Canada, 8min)

Teton Gravity Research – Almost Ablaze (USA, 30min)

The Hood Crew – Thirsty (USA, 20min)

Twobees Media – Risky Business (Canada, 10min)

Unicorn Picnic – Pretty Faces (USA, 25min)

Virtika Visuals – Next Friday (USA, 25min)

New this year, iF3 is proud to present a virtual screening showcasing 13 titles in the judged category. These titles will be screened for free via our media partners’ websites: Newschoolers, Freeskier, Skipass, Downdays, 33Mag, EDGEsport and SBC Skier.


Movies screened during our live webcast, Judged

Bon Appétit – Episode 4 (France, 14min)

ColletBrotherChannel – Winter Is Strange (France, 30min)

Darren Rayner – YLESKI (USA, 5min)

High Fives Foundation – The Edge Of Impossible (USA, 14min)

Life Steeze Media – Up 2 Five (Russia, 35min)

Line Skis – Line Traveling Circus (USA, 8min)

Real Skifi – Episode 11 (Finland, 4min)

Swag Boyz Media – Meanwhile in Canada (Canada, 20min)

Switchback Entertainment – Super Pillows (Canada, 7min)

TFJ Productions – Pastiche (Sweden, 35min)

The Big Picture – Zero.One (USA, 10min)

The Bunch – Finess (Sweden, 35min)

The Faction Collective – Episode 3 (Switzerland, 5min)

Union Productions – Objectif Lune (Canada, 25min)


Due to screen availability and the number of entrants we had this year, the following productions will be judged but not screened at iF3 Montreal.


Movies not screened in theater, Judged

403Media – Day After Day (Canada, 12min, AM)

BRS – 159 (Sweden, 35min, AM)

GR Media – Above All (USA, 24min, AM)

Incognito – Short Freeski Film (France, 10min, AM)

Inflik – The Doorstep Project (Canada, 35min, AM)

JE Films – Clever Kids (France, 17min, AM)

JE Films – Without You (France, 4min, AM)

Midiafilm – The Search (Germany, 20min, AM)

Next Generation Media – Hungry (Norway, 35min, AM)

Not So Local – Foreign Affair (Canada, 22min, AM)

PVS Company – Au nom des miens: Marie Martinod (France, 52min, PRO)

SP Films – Aotearoa (Austria, 20min, AM)

The Trashparty – Trashparty (Norway, 35min, AM)

Vproduction – #ERROR404 (France, 20min, AM)


Finally, the productions listed below will not be judged but will be screened on our website.


Movies screened on our Website, Not-Judged*

2M Media, Coline Ballet-Baz (France, 5min)

Anna Wilcox, Anna Wilcox Spring 2014 (USA, 5min)

Arsenic, Tall T Trudays Web Series (USA)

Bon Appétit, Bon Appétit Web Series (France)

Bridger Brigade, Bomb Snow TV Web Series (USA)

Epic TV, À la Française Web Series (France)

Evan Heath Visual, The Opulent Few (USA, 14min)

Girls Do Ski, Mother (Canada, 5min)

Hanno Mackowitz, kOnneX (Austria, 10min)

Hanno Mackowitz, Lorraine, The Movie (Austria, 10min)

Hidden Skills, Hidden Skills Web Series (Norway)

La Fa Films, Flip The Script Web Series (USA)

Line Skis, Line Travelling Circus Web Series (USA)

Switchback Entertainment, Salomon Freeski TV Web Series (Canada)

Tabarnack Pack, Tabarnack Pack Web Series (Canada)

The Big Picture, The Big Picture Web Series (USA)

The Faction Collective, The Faction Collective Web Series (Switzerland)

Zuckerman Media, Restless (Canada, 7min)


* Except all WEB SERIES who are judged.



The 2014 iF3 Movie Awards will take place on September 18 at the Phi Centre, a multimedia arts and culture centre in Montreal. A live webcast from the awards presentation will be made available through our media partners: Newschoolers, Freeskier, Skipass, Downdays, 33Mag, EDGEsport and SBC Skier.


Please visit iF3Awards.com for more information about the iF3 Movie Awards categories. For more information regarding the official program for iF3 Montreal, please visit iF3Festival.com.


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