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The iF3 Movie Awards are a unique event with award ceremonies that are held in Montreal, Canada. Our international jury panel reviews all the movies prior to the festival in order for the awards to be announced and given at the Festival in Montreal.

 iF3 Movie Awards 2014

All the movie awards will be presented in Montreal

Pro Category

• Film of the Year, presented by Chic-Chac
• Best Cinematography, presented by Troublemakers
• Best Editing, presented by Post-Moderne

Open Category

• Best Big Mountain Film
• Best Urban Movie
• Best Storytelling
• Best Single Shot
• Bern Best Crash
• Best Web Series
• Best Short Movie
• Best Female Edit

Am Category

• Film Of The Year, presented by Canadian Freestyle Ski Association (CFSA)
• Best Editing
• Best Cinematography

Athlete Category

• Best Female Park Segment
• Best Female Freeride Segment
• Best Male Street Segment
• Best Male Freeride Segment
• Ski Icon
GoPro Rookie Of The Year


iF3 has invited specific production companies to submit their films to the professional category. Additional production companies are welcome to submit their films to compete in this segment, however they will be judged on the same level as professionally made films. While we do not have specific requirements regarding what qualifies as a professional production company, the following guidelines may help classify a professional crew:

-Professionally Sponsored Athletes
-Significant external funding and sponsorship
-Professional cinematographers
-Professional editing
-The revenue and sponsorship income are sufficient to financially support the parties involved
-The production company is run as a business

If you believe you can compete on a professional level, you are free to submit your entry in this category. The iF3 reserves the rights to change any entry from one category to another once it has reviewed its submission.

Any production crew is welcome to submit their films to this category. While there are no absolute requirements, the following guidelines will suggest that you belong in the amateur category:

-Athlete sponsorship is not a requirement.
-Relatively small external funding, if any.
-Relatively small distribution, if any.
-Revenue and sponsorship income is insufficient or barely sufficient to financially support the parties involved.
-The film cannot exceed 40 minutes.

The iF3 reserves the rights to change any entry from one category to another once it has reviewed its submission.

***The amateur and professional categories are mutually exclusive meaning that you may only submit your entry to one of the two. If you do not follow the rules and submit the same entry to both professional and amateur categories then iF3 reserves the right to remove your submission from consideration without a refund of entry fees.

All participating productions in Pro and Am are eligible to win an Award in the Open category. The web category was removed this year, because of recent trends in the industry, because almost all (if not all) amateur movies were also put online and distributed for free (the main criteria for being in the web category). To make things clearer this year, the award for best web series is in the Open Category and single webisodes and short web movies are in the amateur category, due to smaller budgets than the professional productions. These webisodes and web movies will be competing for the Best Short Movie award.