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iF3 Free Live Webcast

iF3 Free Live Webcast on Thursday, September 18

Join us on Thursday, September 18th for the first ever iF3 Live Webcast!

As part of this virtual happening, you will be able to view exclusive shorts and web productions not presented in theatres at iF3 before watching live as the 2014 iF3 Movie Awards are handed out.

In addition to the webcast, we’re pleased to announce that the iF3 Movie Awards will be hosted by comedian David Tveite. Tveite will have you spilling chips and beer all over your Snuggie and keyboard as you cozy up to watch the awards at home. And to further sweeten the deal, Cali P will be joining us during the ceremony with a performance presented by Skullcandy, featuring new songs off his new musical project called “Healing Of The Nation” due to be released in November by Hemp Higher Production. Click here to see the Cali P’s shoutout.

Below is the official schedule for the evening:

3:45 pm – 5:00 pm

• High Fives Foundation – The Edge Of Impossible (USA, 14min)

• Switchback Entertainment – Super Pillows (Canada, 7min)

• Line Skis – Line Traveling Circus (USA, 8min)

• TFJ Productions – Pastiche (Sweden, 35min)

• Real Skifi – Episode 11 (Finland, 4min)

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

• Bon Appétit – Episode 4 (France, 14min)

• Life Steeze Media – Up 2 Five (Russia, 35min)

• The Faction Collective – Episode 3 (Switzerland, 5min)

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

• Union Productions – Objectif Lune (Canada, 25min)

• The Big Picture – Zero.One (USA, 10min)

• Swag Boyz Media – Meanwhile in Canada (Canada, 20min)

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

• Level 1 Productions, Tatum Monod Season Edit (USA, 4min)

• 4FRNT – Elements – short version (USA, 12min)

• Darren Rayner – YLESKI (USA, 5min)

• The Bunch – Finess (Sweden, 35min)

After the movie screening sessions, do not miss the international ceremony rewarding the producers, artists, athletes and all other players who make the movies presented at the festival happen – the 2014 iF3 Movie Awards.

Join us on any of the following websites for the first ever iF3 Live Webast!

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