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Pro category

Jeff Schmuck

Jeff Schmuck isn’t a stranger around these parts. As a stalwart of the festival, Schmuck will be returning to the panel after making his debut last year. When he’s not flashing his bedazzled Schmuck belt buckle at various rocker parties, he can be found as the managing editor of SBC Skier, a member of the Association of Freeskiing Professional’s senior advisory board, and as a co-promoter of iF3 Whistler Blackcomb.

Darren Rayner

From his work with Voleurz to his most recent freelance video production endeavours, Darren Rayner brings filmmaking accolades from ESPN, iF3, WSSF Intersection, and the Banff Mountain Film Festival to the panel. Alongside Jeff Schmuck, Rayner is a co-promoter for iF3 Whistler Blackcomb.

Mike Rogge

Since covering the first iF3 as a journalist for Newschoolers, Mike Rogge has gone on to have an editorial stint at Powder, work on a freeskiing documentary with Vice, and write as a senior correspondent for ESPN Freeskiing. Rogge has attended iF3 in a variety of capacities over the years, but this year marks Rogge’s first as an iF3 judge.

Guillaume Lahure

As the co-owner and operator of Zapiks and Skipass.com, Lahure is a lynchpin in the action sports world. Hailing from Grenoble, France, Lahure adds some French flavour and a multi-sport background to the panel.

Alexis Godbout

After a career as a slopestyle skier, Godbout is finding his way into the whiterooms of the world. Though we’re excited to have Godbout on the panel, we’re just as excited to see what his career in the backcountry will yield.

Amateur Category

Filip Christensen

Filip Christensen is the mastermind behind Field Productions. No stranger to iF3, Christensen made his debut at the festival’s inaugural event in 2007 as a filmmaker in the AM category. Last year Christensen’s two-year effort, “Supervention,” was nominated for film of the year. Though we’ll miss Christensen’s work on-screen, we’re excited to have him among our judges this year.

Vincent Gagnier

Vincent Gagnier, like Charles, has an impeccable taste for innovation. Instead of walking down the marked and cut paths, Gagnier heads straight for the thicket and frequently emerges with tricks of which he is the sole proprietor. Labelling him as a veteran might be unflattering given his young age, but we can safely say that his presence on an iF3 panel this year isn’t his first lap around the track.

Doug Bishop

Doug Bishop is a ubiquitous presence on Newschoolers. From digging at the now defunct High North Ski Camp to sitting as the publisher for Newschoolers, Bishop has worn many fancy hats and has never shied away from sharing an opinion.

Zach Berman

Zach Berman shares a family name and work experience with Josh Berman over at Level 1 Productions. Most recently, he can be found as the associate publisher for Freeskier.

Ethan Stone

If you’ve spent anytime on Newschoolers, odds are you’ve read a sentence or two strung together by Ethan Stone. From putting together a lavishly reported piece for Newschoolers’ inaugural magazine to reporting on the Olympics from Sochi, Stone has a knack for delivering stories that the people want to read.

Web Category

Vincent Gagnier

See AM bio.

David Malacrida

David Malacrida’s work as a photographer can be found in ski publications on both sides of the Atlantic. When not shooting photos, Malacrida can be found as an editor at Downdays.

Jason Mousseau

Jason Mousseau has been a part of iF3 in a variety of capacities since the inaugural festival in 2007. Since then, he has gone on to edit SBC Skier magazine, and now holds the general manager position at Newschoolers, where he leads the many-headed beast that skiing’s largest website has become.

Henrik Lampert

Henrik Lampert is a Boston Bruins fan, hot dog aficionado, and the editor of Freeskier. He knows a thing or three about both skiing and the Internet, making him an ideal candidate for his judging gig at iF3.